Dispatch board allows you to review your daily operations and make temporary changes to present and future days.

Here you may track tech progress, create custom jobs, reassign techs and more.

Dispatch Board and Actions Within It

Each day at midnight recurring jobs are auto created and dispatched for the current day. It is possible to search jobs by date, status, job type or field tech.

To create a custom residential job go to Actions > Add Job > choose client and tech > Add Job.

To create a custom commercial job, go to Actions > Add Commercial Job > choose client, tech/s and estimated time > Add Commercial Job.

To temporary reassign tech select a dispatched job > go to Actions > Reassign Tech > choose tech > Reassign.

To reschedule dispatched job select the job > Actions > Change Date > select the date > click on Change Date button.

It is possible to reschedule future jobs as well. Choose future date > Select the job > Actions > Adjust Pending Job.

To view job details click on the view button next to your job.