QuickBooks Integration

Office staff can use quickbooks integration to automatically copy new clients, invoices and payments to your quickbooks online account. Office staff may manually pair existing clients in Sweep&Go and QuickBooks online. At the moment, client refunds in Sweep&Go will have to be recreated manually in QuickBooks.

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Connect to QuickBooks

  • Automate financial reporting.
  • Create new or connect to existing QuickBooks account.
  • Copy new clients to QuickBooks.
  • Copy new invoices to QuickBooks.
  • Copy new payments to QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Sync Management

  • Review financial data in QuickBooks Online.
  • Manually pair Sweep&Go and QuickBooks clients.
  • Review log of successful transactions.
  • Review log of any failed transactions.
  • Disconnect your QuickBooks sync at any time.