Office staff uses Sweep&Go payroll to calculate payroll before sharing stats with your payroll processor or accountant. Sweep&Go supports 3 payroll modes: hourly, hourly plus bonus and commission.

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Payroll settings

  • Enter hourly compensation rate.
  • Enter personal mileage compensation rate.
  • Set bonus % based on revenue produced.
  • Define staff commission % if hourly rate is set to $0.
  • Enter pay rate changes for the upcoming pay period.

Create payroll slips

  • Complete ongoing payroll check-in.

  • Review and approve regular and overtime hours.
  • Adjust hours, tips, bonuses, reimbursements and more.
  • Auto-apply personal mileage compensation.
  • Enter number of tech complaints within the past week.

Payroll Report

  • Review total payroll cost and total revenue.
  • Copy payroll calculations into your payroll software.
  • Produce staff pay-slips (excludes tax withholdings + direct deposit).

  • Review payroll reports for past weeks.
  • Auto-apply payroll stats within performance reports.