Client Management

Office staff use residential client views to manage info about contact, location, billing, schedule, notes, dogs, yard, notification preferences and activity. Commercial client profiles allow for multiple locations and ability to specify work areas such as pet waste stations.

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Address, Yard and Dog Info

  • Auto-cancel subscription if client moves outside service area.
  • Manage yard size, gate location and access code.
  • Notify field techs of unsafe dogs in some yards.
  • Add/remove dogs and easily update their information.
  • Auto-update per cleanup price when dog count changes.

Scheduling and Billing Info

  • Review initial notes, initial and recurring cleanup info.
  • View cleanup frequency, service days and latest cleanups.
  • View subscriptions, invoices, payments and credit cards.
  • Pause or cancel existing client subscription.
  • Modify service frequency for over the phone or email requests.

Commercial Clients

Create multiple locations for a single account!
Create multiple custom subscriptions per location.
Let each commercial contact access to client portal.
Let each contact manage credit cards and notifications.
Use postpaid fixed price billing option.

Office and Field Tech Notes

  • Send private notes to office from field tech mobile app.
  • Let office staff share notes with field technicians.
  • Set start and end dates for notes to field techs.
  • Create multiple notes for field technicians.
  • Let field tech enter notes for each job.

Cleanup Notifications

  • Send on the way notifications in just 2 clicks!
  • Auto-send off-schedule and completed cleanup notifications.
  • Notify clients via text, email or phone call.
  • Send notifications according to client preferences.
  • Update client notification preferences in the client portal.