The master schedule provides information about client locations, cleanup frequencies, service days and assigned techs. It has 2 different views, table view and map view. On the table view it is possible to list clients per each tech, to reassign all clients at once from one tech to another or to export the schedule to CSV file.

Master schedule

To permanently change service days or tech for a client open a single location view > click on Edit resource > update the info > then Save

Change tech and service days

On the master schedule it is also possible to adjust client geolocation if it is not geocoded well on the map. To adjust geolocation go to single location view > click on three dots > Adjust Geolocation > drag location pin to desired position > Save.

Adjust client geolocation

On the map view you may see all client locations on a single map. Use the master map to change the permanent schedule and increase the route density. You may filter the map by service days, field tech, client type or cleanup frequency. To see the legend, please click on Show Map Key below the map.

Master Map

On the same view you may also see the number of recurring jobs per tech per service day. This table may help you better plan your staff workload. One time and initial cleanups are excluded from the table.

Number of locations per tech per service day