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Enable Your Field Technicians

  • Let field techs produce better work with less clicks.

  • Reduce time to coach new field techs.

  • Seamlessly sync field data with your scheduling, billing and payroll processes.

  • Send real time cleanup notifications to your clients.

  • Improve field staff safety with unsafe dog notices.

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Empower Your Office Staff

  • Let office staff produce better work faster.

  • Completely automate processes such as payments, dispatching jobs and route optimization.

  • Reduce costs by not hiring additional office staff.

  • Easily process client change requests.

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Delight Your Clients

  • Streamline new client onboarding.

  • Handle client credit card info safely and securely.

  • Let clients perform common tasks such as change of gate info.

  • Easily process client service requests.

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Manage and Grow Your Business

  • Be in control of your business and easily check staff performance.

  • Keep all your important data in one place.

  • Use the best and only pooper scooper specific app.

  • Easily scale your app expenses without large upfront development or consulting fees.

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I have been at this a long time-one of the first in the industry to bring gps into the field- I have worked hand & hand with and partnered with Tom Tom telematics for years-but we outgrew their technology-Sweep & go is specific to our industry-Ogi and staff are very attentive and listen when changes are suggested-We tried Jobber -waste of my time-cookie cutter platform doesn’t work for me -you can’t always go the cheapest route-so far very happy with Sweep & go As a bonus my back office payroll has been cut 35% in a few months.

Jim Coniglione, Owner of Scoopy Doo NY
After 27 years of trying to adjust our systems and processes to 3rd party software that is designed for other industries, we are thrilled to be able to use a dedicated Pooper Scoop Service platform. We love the shift/payroll reports and field tech app because it helps our staff by more efficient. Communication is critical to keeping our team members safe and productive and our clients happy and this software has significantly improved our communications. Support is also the best we have ever worked with and if we do have an issue, they are quick to respond and help us through it. We highly recommend Sweep&Go to all scooper services.

The Poop Fairies struggled finding a user friendly solution to daily aspects of the pooper scooper industry (i.e. scheduling, route optimization, invoicing, payment collection, timekeeping, and keeping customers up-to-date with changes). When The Poop Fairies found S&G it turned everyday stressors into basically self-automation. The customer service is like no other! They go above and beyond with one on one video conferencing and after hours telephone or email emergency support. I’m the owner of The Poop Fairies and am not very tech savvy; Ogy and staff helped me solve self created problems when I was seriously freaking out. Thank you so much for the amazing app and software that you have created, it allows me to give more attention and time to what matters most, our clients!

Jennifer Briskin, Owner of The Poop Fairies

Having only used this app for a short period of time, I can confidently say it has been extremely beneficial in terms of optimizing our business. Automation is very important and this app makes it as easy and efficient as possible for both the scoopers and the customers. Sweep and Go makes it easy to onboard clients and for clients to sign up and onboard themselves. Billing, route optimization, user friendly interface for employees, and the ability to add notes for each customer makes this a no brainer for anyone in the pet waste removal industry. While there are other CRM’s out there, Sweep and Go is DESIGNED for this industry, and will absolutely simplify and reduce stress in your day to day business life.

Gabriel Hetrick , Owner of Crappy Cleanup

Sweep&Go has become the centerpiece in our business. In just 6 weeks we’ve been able to dramatically improve our profits, add nearly a customer a day, reduce our scheduling from an all day event to a few minutes, improve tech efficiency and happiness, and most importantly improve customer satisfaction! Not only is sweep&go the best software for the pooper scooper industry, the customer service is unmatched. Ogy has taught us more about the industry in the last few weeks, than we were able to learn on our own in 4 years. This app is game changing and just gets better and better with every update. If you run a pooper scooper company and aren’t using Sweep&go you’re going to get blown away by the companies that do.

This is the only tool in my bag that I can’t replace. I could get similar sure..but in no way could I duplicate what Sweep and Go has done here with their software! Their setup has my business covered from beginning to end to where I can concentrate on the important part…my business! It saves me countless hours that I would be spending after the day was over instead of my family. I’ve never used a software where the developer gives you his number to text him anytime, and he answers quickly! I feel like I’m Rocky Balboa, and Sweep and go is Mickey in my corner ready to go to war with me!
Sweep&Go for scaling and ease of use! They’ve implemented a lot of what we’ve suggested, including CardPointe credit card processing – it’s a game changer. Ogy is great, very responsive and makes it happen when an issue arises. That’s invaluable to me, our business and my team.
A CRM made just for dog poop scooping service providers? Hell yeah! Sweep&Go has definitely saved us time for our back office tasks. No more wasting evenings doing menial work that doesn’t produce profit. Sweep&Go is always improving and adding to make office work more streamlined than ever before. Oh, and I have to mention that the customer service is absolutely amazing! Always quick to respond and happy to help whenever questions arise. I absolutely love it and cannot imagine running my business with any other software. Thank you, Sweep&Go!!
Curtis Smith, Owner of Doody Patrol
I own ParaPooper Scoopers in Clarksville, TN, and have only been using Sweep&Go for one month. I had been using another generic type of service software but decided to switch. The biggest difference for me is the customer service responsiveness and also the advice that has been given freely by Ogy and all the folks I have talked to. You absolutely cannot beat assistance you receive.

Sweep&Go has transformed my small business into a fully functioning scalable company. Not only does it handle all of my routes, invoices, payroll and specific details for each client it has also given me a more professional, easy to use client on boarding form that gives potential clients an immediate quote and adds them to my client portal. All we need to do is add them to our route and sweep&go handles the rest!

The Sweep&Go platform has been a game changer for our pet waste removal business Scoop Troop. Sweep&Go has allowed us to scale extremely quickly helping us onboard over 100 new customers every month without the need of hiring office staff, saving us thousands of dollars in payroll expenses each month! The platform is easy to use, intuitive, automated, and reasonably priced. The support staff has also been tremendously helpful with quick response times and valuable insights on the best ways to grow our business and optimize it for maximum efficiency. If you have a pooper scooper business you need Sweep&go!

I have used other free systems in order to organize the CRM aspect of the business, billing, route management, etc. and Sweep&Go is far superior to any of them. It does not require advanced training to set up, navigate, and utilize for every day business. This Client Onboarding feature alone has helped to double our business since starting with Sweep&Go. Features aside, Ogy and the rest of the team were incredibly helpful in setting up our account and migrating our data from our previous system to Sweep&Go with no hiccups. If you are searching for an all-in-one system to manage your pet waste business, look no further than Sweep&Go.

Austin Nesvacil, Owner of Poo Patrol

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