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Enable Your Field Technicians

  • Let field techs produce better work with less clicks.

  • Reduce time to coach new field techs.

  • Seamlessly sync field data with your scheduling, billing and payroll processes

  • Send real time cleanup notifications to your clients

  • Improve field staff safety with unsafe dog notices.

Field Tech Mobile App All Features

Empower Your Office Staff

  • Let office staff produce better work faster

  • Completely automate processes such as payments, dispatching jobs and route optimization

  • Reduce costs by not hiring additional office staff

  • Easily process client change requests

Scheduling Features Billing Features All Features

Delight Your Clients

  • Streamline new client onboarding

  • Handle client credit card info safely and securely

  • Let clients perform common tasks such as change of gate info.

  • Easily process client service requests.

Client Onboarding Client Dashboard All Features

Manage and Grow Your Business

  • Be in control of your business and easily check staff performance.

  • Keep all your important data in one place

  • Use the best and only pooper scooper specific app

  • Easily scale your app expenses without large upfront development or consulting fees.

Performance Reports Payroll All Features

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