Office staff use Sweep&Go billing to invoice clients and receive payments for services. Billing section consists of service plans, subscriptions, recurring invoices, one time / initial invoices and coupons.

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Service Plans

  • Offer services based on # of dogs and service frequency.
  • Charge differently based on regular and premium zones.
  • Change pricing without affecting existing clients.
  • Earn more money with cross-sells.

  • Offer community services.


  • Auto-create subscriptions for new clients.
  • Create subscriptions manually (e.g. Client restart).
  • Pause existing subscriptions (e.g. Dogs away)
  • Cancel subscriptions (e.g. Phone request).
  • Change subscription cleanup frequency.

Recurring Invoices

Bill monthly (prepaid) or per cleanup (postpaid).
Use daily, weekly or monthly billing interval.
Set rolling billing cycle or choose billing cycle start.
Charge clients on their preferred billing date.
Accept credit cards or check payments.

One Time / Initial Invoices

  • Easily locate one time and initial invoices.
  • Auto-create invoice draft for one time and initial cleanups.
  • Bill custom prices for initial and one time cleanups.
  • Receive credit card payment by charging card on file.
  • Send a copy of one time invoices via email.


  • Receive credit card payments easily!

  • Accept single and multiple check payments.
  • Accept incomplete or overpaid check payments.
  • Set onboarding option to only accept credit cards.
  • Issue credit card and check payment refunds.

Billing Settings

  • Specify your sales tax if not equal to $0.
  • Verify your business tax id and business info.
  • Verify your personal identity with last 4 digits of ss#.
  • Update your bank account info where you receive payouts.
  • Set how much to charge for different skip reasons (Postpaid billing only).