If your website is built using WordPress CMS, you may install a plugin on your website which will allow you to publish the service area checker on one or multiple pages of your website.

Use the service area checker to enhance user experience

This simple plugin will improve your website branding and shorten the current client onboarding process.


1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and on the left sidebar find Plugins and click “Add New”:

2. Search for “Sweep&Go Service Area Checker”

3. Click on the “Install Now”:

4. After that click on the “Activate Plugin”

5. Check the left sidebar of the WordPress Dashboard and you will see “S&G Service Area Checker” and click on that:

6. Log in to your Sweep&Go Account

7. Go to “Settings” > “Client Onboarding”:

8. Click on the “View in a Browser”:

9. Copy the part of the browser link as shown below:

10. Here you need to paste copied part of the URL and click “Add Slug”:

11. To embed it on your page you will need to use this shortcode:

Copy HTML Code

12. Open the page where you want to embed it and paste shortcode we have and click “Update:

13. It should look like this on the page:

If you have any questions, please contact us: https://www.sweepandgo.com/contact/