Regular and Premium Prices 

To enter prices, please go to Employee Portal > Settings > Pricing Setup.

By default, you may enter the prices for your default billing settings. 

If you wish to enter prices for a different billing interval or different billing option, please click Advanced Pricing Setup. 

If you don’t see your cleanup frequency (example: Three Times Per Week), you may enable additional cleanup frequency within Settings > Client Onboarding > Signup Form. 

Initial/One Time Prices 

To Enter initial/One Time Prices, please click “Initial/One Time Prices.” 

Custom Initial/One Time Prices

If you don’t charge the initial cleanup and one time cleanups based on the number of dogs and the last time cleaned, you may specify custom prices (per bucket, per time spent, etc) using Custom Initial Prices and Custom One Time Prices. If you don’t charge for the initial cleanup you may disable creating initial invoice drafts.