The refund process consists of the following 2 steps:

Step 1: Issue a complete or partial refund
Step 2: If you issued a partial refund, please create a corrected invoice to replace one that is automatically voided.

There are 2 reasons why the app voids the original invoice and why you need to create a corrected invoice if partial refund.

  • If an invoice had the open status or partially paid, the app would trigger another credit card charge.
  • It is not possible to edit a finalized invoice to correct an invoice amount.

Step 1: Issue a refund

It is possible to issue a refund via:

  • Client details or
  • Billing > Payments

Option A:

Within client details go to Billing section > Payments > circular arrow next to a particular payment

Payments tab within client details

Enter amount to refund > Save

Refund a payment

Option B:

Go to Billing > Payments

Payments list

Find particular payment

Search for a client payment

Click on More next to particular payment > Refund

Click to refund payment

Enter amount to refund > Save

Refund a payment

Step 2: If a partial refund, please create another correct invoice to replace one that was automatically voided

After issuing a refund, the original invoice is automatically voided.

If a partial refund, it is necessary to create a new one time invoice with a correct amount and ensure account balance is correct again.

Create new one time invoice

When you create a new one time invoice to show necessary changes, you should add a note for the client that the previous invoice was voided.

Add a custom note

After you finalize the corrected invoice:

  • Any available credit will be automatically applied to the invoice.
  • The invoice will be sent to the client along with updated account balance (example: $0.00)

Email body with the account balance

Note: With Card Connect, you may issue partial refunds after 10PM ET on the same day or at any time thereafter. With Stripe, fee for refund is always deducted where with Card Connect, it’s not if you do a refund on time.