If you own a pet waste management business, make the following 3 steps!

Have you been in the pooper scooper industry for more than a few years? If so, you probably realized that doing the same things over and over will not lead to a higher revenue business. That’s why we created 3 steps that will help you grow your poop scooping business:

Step 1

Sign Up For Sweep&go Pooper Scooper App

Sweep&Go is not your typical software. It is made specifically for the pet waste management industry and was released during the 2019 aPaws convention in Sarasota, FL. Learn why over 100 pet waste management professionals serving 1000’s of clients use us:

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Step 2

Create A Professional WordPress Website

Top 4 pooper scooper franchises already use WordPress and other top pet waste management brands as well. Here are just a few reasons to use WordPress over other DIY tools such as Square, GoDaddy Builder, Wix, ClickFunnels, etc:

FREE Pooper Scooper WordPress Theme

Step 3

Grow Your Business With Free Webinar Insights

aPaws and Sweep&Go produce quarterly online marketing webinars to help you attract new clients faster. First we research why clients look for service, how they find their service provider and how they decide which provider to use. Second we see what pooper scoop businesses would like the most help with. Third we run the webinars and create free checklists and downloads. Here are the links to the past webinars:

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Do you agree with our top 3 recommendations?

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